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Antlions (Doodlebugs)

Antlion Farms Antlion Pit

Ant Farm Central Fire Ants
Ant Colony Cycle
Ant Farm  Links, images, and a chat room Japanese Ants  Image database
Army Ants Myrm's Ant Nest
Behavior of Real Ants Ant Facts
Citrus Ants
Carpenter Ants Household Ants
Myrmecology  The study of ants 

Arachnids (arthropods called arachnidia)
Introduction to the Cheliceramorpha
Anatomy of a Spider PetBugs
Arachnodata SpiderRoom
Black Widow Spider Spiders of Australia
Desert Tarantula Spiders of North-West Europe
Brown Recluse Spiders Jumping Spiders  Videos
Collection of Arachnids and Nematodes Tarantulas  Breeding and gallery
Construction of a wheel web World of Spiders
Hobo spider Spiders in Homes

Amateur Entomologist
Asian Longhorn Beetle Coleopterists Society
Beetles   Ladybugs Jewel Beetles
Cerambycids of Florida Hercules Beetles
Coleoptera Thais in 2000
Ladybug Life Cycle


David`s Butterflies and Moths
Butterflies Electronic Resources on Lepidoptera
Butterfly Site Lepidoptera of the French Antilles
Butterflies of Yukon
Mario´s Butterfly Village
Butterfly Info Monarch Butterfly Site
Butterfly Science Project Painted Lady Butterfly
Butterfly WebSite Red Admiral and Painted Lady
European Butterfly Skippers of the Northeast  Videos
Worldwide Butterflies

Butterfly Businesses

ButterfliZ of Iowa Magical Beginnings Butterfly Farms
Butterfly Alphabet  - Books and posters. Fragrant Acres
Butterfly Conservancy - For educational programs. La Lepidoteca
Butterfly Utopia Nature Gifts Store
Clearwater Butterfly Company
The Magic of Life Butterfly House
Florida Butterfly Farm - Butterflies for release. Unmounted Butterflies & Papered Insects

Cicada Mania Periodical
Kids' Cicada Hunt 1996: A Year of the Cicadas


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